XZanthia 0991

This is a loaded subject, as many parts of my mentality. I will go over a quick synopsis of my basic belief structure since you have shown interest. And thank you for that. I do appreciate it.

I am a spiritualist, immensely interested in theology, however not a religious individual myself.

Being a child of knowledge, learning is a constant drive that motivates my every action. In most every part of my experience.

Polyamory is a path that I have chosen to follow in my relationships since 1998. Although not at all promiscuous, monogamy is not a natural state of being to the best of my beliefs from what I’ve seen from most all primates.

Politics have frustrated me beyond the point of desiring to have a further understanding. So my studies do not dive into this subject to deeply. But yet enough dancing around it to have a basic knowledge. I suppose my belief in the politics is they are all profits, and not much of what we say without full out war actually even matters.

I am a lover, not a fighter, so the active war depresses me. I feel the communication would be the key if we were not such an angry species demanding that our view is forever the only correct one.

As a naturist and a foodist I live a life of health and as much purity as I can without neglecting life’s little pleasurable impurities. I was a vegetarian for years, now basically only eating bird, I am still much of a flutist. Often juicing to do a cleansing and rise my body up to its highest states possible. Taking walks and working out in the gym being as physical as I can as often as I can. Often utilizing my time in the gym to also maintain relationships with my social media.

Be at the heavyweight that I am in social media, I much prefer actual human connections. So I am in a constant state of human gathering. Always creating scenarios in which people of interest will collect around me. So we can communicate one-on-one, outside of social networking.