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      XZanthia was born in Lawrence Massachusetts on September 25th 1979. After Traveling all over the United States with her mother for the first 11 years of her life she moved from Hollywood California to Land O Lakes Florida with her father at his Nudist Resort.

     Then called Cat/Katt for the origin of her name XZanthia, XZanthia attended Pine View Middle School then Land O Lakes High School continuously through the summers to catch up with the other students of her age on the education that she missed while traveling with her mother.

     Because of her life experiences and choices XZanthia had never felt as a child. She always reflected as a 27 year old since age 5. This age still holds true in her internally even though she is in her mid 30s.

     Feeling isolated from her peers in mentality as well as living at a Nudist Resort did not call for a lot of friend sleep overs. XZanthia retreated into an internal world and studies of science, history and theology. A blooming artist, many of her peers embraced her talents which increased her popularity and acceptance.

     Continuing with her studies in Collage both enrolled and as a viewer sitting in on classes in collages that she was not enrolled in, her desire for knowledge grew. Unsure of what she wanted to learn, She continued to change her major until she dropped out of Collage in 2001 to join the rock band “The Impotent Sea Snakes.”

     XZanthia traveled around the USA and world as a fire performer / stilt walker and back up vocalist intensely till 2004 in Important Sea Snakes.

     During this time, starting in 1999, XZanthia started Florida Modeling Network, a group of models and photographers  that gathers to build their portfolios. This became XZanthia’s income aside of a few other jobs in retail.

     She also started acting in movies when she was not on the road with the band. She has acted with many stars such as Tom Savini, Bill Moseley and Robert Englund. To date, 34 Feature films 19 Music Videos for such bands as Tool, Society 1 and Soulidium and countless other film projects of others and her own.

     In 2001 XZanthia moved to Ft Collins then to Denver Colorado to try out a new life unfamiliar. At the End of 2001 XZanthia started her first collective art gallery in down town Denver which grew to her own 10,000sf Gallery XZanthia.  Here she showed much of her own art as well as many others. Besides art shows they did many events here such as Poetry Slams, Independent Film Festivals and DJ Parties.

     In 2001 XZanthia also started Colorado Modeling Network, where she duplicated what she was doing in Florida to generate more income.

     In 2007 XZanthia decided to close the Gallery and return to Florida to take over her father’s resort so that he could retire. XZanthia traveled from Denver to Tampa several times a year to hold festivals at the resort. So when she returned in 2007, her community was eager for more events.

     She started Naked Alien Foam Parties, Burning Mushroom Festivals as well as many others. In April 2012 se became tired of the drug element of these events and stopped till she learned new ways of control in April 2013.

     In 2009 she founded Illinois Modeling Network because she had a crew in Chicago that desired to duplacate her two successful networks / events.

     Her boyfriend PJ owns some land up near the Withlacoochee state forest in Brooksville Florida. They have been building a live-in sustainable spiritual retreat / community there called Sanctuary Earth.

     She now is holding several events every month in Ybor, at the resort, at Sanctuary Earth and Modeling Events in Florida, Denver/ Chicago.

     Her goal is to live in / own a spiritual artist community where workshops / classes and events for personal and community growth and knoledge can take place on a regular basses. She would like to start a family and focus on her artwork again as a painter and film maker.


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    XZanthia:  Meaning


              Zan thuwa ha: Catalyst of community. 

    Name Origin: Latucian Tyangele (Astral projection / dream state planet orbiting the second star connected to our own binary system inhabited by genetically altered beings from the Pleiades that share a common ancestor with our current house cats.)

     Name given: at age 5 in New Hampshire, Dream State by light being named Van-dua-da:  Van-dha-dua – Librarian of the spears.  (Similar to a guide to our collective consciousness.) 

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