As broad of a subject as any university, my studies are immense and deep. As many spend much of their time and drama, partying, and other normal life endeavors. I have spent this time reading and watching documentaries. Perhaps not a master of any particular knowledge, however as a whole I feel that I hold a larger drafts on pieces of this reality and the next.
My studies and interest range from the arts, history to spirituality and theology, science, and many aspects of psychology.
There was a time that I was known for being a sort of investigative mythologist, even giving a two hour talk on coast-to-coast radio. I have allowed much of this to settle as my studies have gone into other arenas. Still maintaining a strong interest, however the intensity has diverted.
My main focus of the recently has been much into psychology. Everything some psychopaths two basic human connection. The human mind info and embraces me. In golf my every action, so how could it not to do so. I am very interested in relationships, and what makes people tick. What makes people react, and counter react situations. What is the norm, and what is the abnormal? Is it a mentality? Nature, or nurture? I started writing a book loosely on these aspects about seven years ago. And this is the focus of my studies as of this moment.